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Super Rugged 

Atelier La Durance 



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Atelier La Durance ( Vintage “`made in France ´´´ ) 

Belt Dukes Vintage Artisan – Samurai – made in Vienna 

this is one of the first pairs of ALD made in France some years ago 
never had any better faded denim – nowadays all is made in China. 

Best try to find a dead stock made in France 


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Amsterdam Part 2 

Tenue Des Nimes no 1 

Drew Holmes and Brigitta Nigel Cabourn had a chance to see the  Tenue des Nimes  No 1 we
 had as well a chance to talk to Rene co owner of the store if you think now they focus on the
2 nd Store you are wrong even no 1 is in excellent shape.

Perfect Young Guns